Justice Served

Earlier this month, an #Enugu couple (in picture) were arrested for the horrific crime of driving two nails into the head of their 10 year old maid as well as using hot pressing iron on the little girl’s body causing serious burns to different parts of her body.Continue reading “Justice Served”

Introducing “Adanna” and other Ebooks

Dear Reader,

I have some exciting news 🔊📧📚

After lots of sleepless nights and years of writing on Social Media, I am awed by GOD’s grace and mercy in granting me the opportunity to create and write 5 Ebooks.

As the world went virtual during the lockdown season, I introduced these books on the 23rd of April, 2020 and here I am presenting to you these 5 Ebooks. I trust that *you will support my journey and buy these books for your reading pleasure*. The books are centred on topics dear to my heart and which I believe the world needs at this time.

■Adanna; a child safety story book *with a Catholic theme* is a story book for children of all ages.

■Remember; a collection of short reflections *relevant for our Christian journey*

■Ozoemena; a two part story based on true life events for teenagers, their parents and all adults *Safety and Christian duty* it is not suitable for children, however teenagers from 14 years are encouraged to read

■Abstinence By Choice; An ABC guide for teenagers, singles, unmarried and married *very relevant for many have gone astray in this area*

■You Are The CEO Of Your Life; lessons from my entrepreneurial journey & *discovering YOUR purpose* for young adults and adults.

To order,

Please send me a message on ifeyinwa.tip@gmail.com or +234 705 765 3366 after paying to Fidelity Bank/6050515201; NGN1,000 each for any of the individual books and your email or WhatsApp number for delivery of your Ebook(s)


Through PayStack


Thank you.

GOD bless you 🙏🏿

Ifeyinwa Chime (Mrs.)

Author and Child Safety Advocate

Every Child Deserves To Be Safe

Enugu Central School Zone Child Safety Outreach

I am passionate about child safety and re-awakening the faith based values of purity, chastity and discipline in our children.

I am interested in inspiring parents, care-givers, educators and the whole world to embrace the genuineness of keeping ALL children safe. ~Ifeyinwa Chime

These pictures were taken on the 10th of March, 2020, with me spreading the message of GOD’s love and giving child safety messages to children and educators from 34 public primary schools in Enugu Central School Zone.


very Child Deserves To Be Safe


“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves”

Child Safety Awareness

Last month end, precisely after the child safety outreach on the 30th of January my emotions were all over the place. I heard people pray for me that it brought tears to my eyes.

My personal voluntary platform for creating awareness on child safety specifically for children in their early years is in its third year going strong…

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Child Safety Week January 2020

Enugu Calling!!!

A few years ago, I had a strong burden in my heart for vulnerable children. I wept when I read or watched stories of children being abused; physically, sexually, verbally, psychologically etc… I started writing on social media and created a blog to break the silence.

Continue reading “Child Safety Week January 2020”

Child Abuse

Sadly, CHILD ABUSE happens everyday, everywhere in our society and in all nations of the world.

The child’s wellbeing; emotional, mental, physical, psychological and sexual is put at risk because of the harassment, abuse and torture that goes on.

It is a SERIOUS misnomer that most of us treat with levity because the broader society also treats abuse lightly and the institution of Government has NOT yet put stringent ENFORCEMENT of laws and punishment of offenders.

We are products of our societal norms. This is a call to all in positions of leadership, please DO NOT allow the perpetrators of this evil against children or the enablers of it to continue.

We all need to #BreakTheSilence. Please act and do something positive to stop the abuse of children in all its forms.

Adopt a posture that clearly says: We stand against harrassment, abuse, molestation and torture of our children and will no longer be its enablers. Use clear communication to ensure that your position on the matter is not misunderstood in our society.

Every Child Deserves To Be Safe!

As human beings we have the powerful ability to join forces and UNITE for a HIGHER GOOD. When we align our energies and work together for the all-round safety of our children in the world, so much more is possible.

#Nwabuife #ChildSafety #TheIfeyinwaPlatform #Nwaamaka #BreakTheSilence #NoToChildAbuse #NotOnMyWatch

Security In The Home

Security in the home 🏠: CAUTION ⚠⚠⚠

Background checks and proper screening of domestic staff before employment as well as other house/ home guests before admittance is absolutely NECESSARY…

A lot of children are suffering behind closed doors: verbal, physical, mental, psychological and sexual torture. I hear of and read of these stories daily.

Sadly, the abuse of children is on an all-time high 😭😭😭

Remember Proverbs 31: 8 “Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless. (GNT)

What I see and hear these days is extremely painful.

Some of these children will never recover from the horrible abuse they have gone through.

Every Child Deserves To Be Safe!

As human beings we have the powerful ability to join forces and UNITE for a HIGHER GOOD. When we align our energies and work together for the all-round safety of our children in the world, so much more is possible.

#Nwabuife #ChildSafety #TheIfeyinwaPlatform #Nwaamaka #BreakTheSilence #NoToChildAbuse #NotOnMyWatch

What Do I Do To Be Safe?

Founder of The Ifeyinwa Platform, today took the child safety awareness programme to Agbani town in Nkanu West LGA of Enugu State.

One of the Churches in Agbani town hosted Mrs. Ifeyinwa Chime as she explained, shared and taught the young children and young adults on proactive preventive safety measures in today’s world.

We pray GOD Almighty continually keeps these and all young ones safe and free from harm in Jesus Christ name Amen.

Every Child Deserves To Be Safe…

Ifeyinwa +


MAY 31st

It’s May 31st…

A-MAY-zing month of MAY, 2019.

May GOD continually bless us all, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

It’s incredibly tough to believe when it all seems to be going wrong in this country Nigeria yet GOD calls us to BELIEVE and this is what I shared with these young children this week.

GOD has made us beautiful and wonderful with purpose…

No excuses, we make GOD proud by fulfilling our purpose to be His masterpieces.

You can if you will!

I thank GOD for a successful Child Safety Week in Public Primary Schools in Abakpa, Coal Camp and the 82 Division areas of Enugu, Nigeria.

Peace be with you. AMEN.

Ifeyinwa +

Every Child Deserves To Be Safe”

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves”Proverbs 31:8

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